Emerging Choreographer

Cassidy Boone – Kittiwake RBC Emerging Choreographer in Residence

Headshot by Stacey Birmingham

March 28, 2024 – Limerence Premiere ~ Emergence at the Majestic Theatre

Bravo, Cassidy and Andrei! The premiere of Cassidy’s new piece, “Limerence,” went flawlessly at our Emergence concert at the Majestic Theatre. The breathtaking choreography was set to heartwarming classical-music favourites, courtesy of both Duo Concertante and the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra. We all at Kittiwake Dance Theatre are beyond proud of the artistry, dedication, and attention to detail shown by everyone involved. Thank you to the RBC Foundation for their support of emerging artists in our province – without their support, this project would not have been possible.


March 27, 2024 –  Dress Rehearsal

In the final week of rehearsals for Emergence, Cassidy and Andrei work diligently to bring Limerence to the stage of the Majestic Theatre, located in the heart of downtown St. John’s. Seeing this well-designed clock’s many cogs come together at the dress rehearsal was most thrilling. To our dancers tomorrow night: Merde!

January 5-7, 2024 – Christopher House Guest Teacher

We were delighted to host our dear friend Christopher House in January for a thought-provoking session of choreographic exploration! Cassidy worked with Christopher in a facilitated choreographic lab followed by two days in the studio. The tools explored during this time will support Cassidy as she develops her new work, “Limerance” premiering on March 28th, 2024.

November 27th, 2023 – Emergence concert

Cassidy’s piece “Limerance” will premiere this March at the newly renovated Majestic Theatre in St. John’s as part of the Emergence concert. Kittiwake is partnering once again with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra for this concert to highlight the artistry of emerging choreographers and conductors. The music will be performed by members of the NSO and conducted by this year’s RBC-NSO emerging conductor, Andrei Popkov.

October 11th, 2023 – Making Progress

Cassidy has been very busy throughout the fall creating and setting her piece on Kittiwake company members, using four pieces of classical music. When reflecting on the progress that has been made so far, Cassidy says, “I’m very grateful to be the 2023-2024 RBC emerging choreographer! The process has been so interesting and fulfilling, especially seeing the choreography I think of and make with the company dancers come to life. During my process, I’ve been collaborating with the dancers to best bring out their capabilities while also staying true to my vision. I’m excited to keep going, learn more, and develop my skills!”

September 10th, 2023 – Creation Begins

Once Cassidy selected her music, it was time to get into the studio to start creating. Cassidy has decided to work with eight company dancers on the idea of using connections within short duets. She has titled her work “Limerance”- being in a state of intense infatuation with someone else. She will explore ways to demonstrate this through her duets, whether they result in conflict: one-sided and unreciprocated, or romance: two-sided and reciprocated.

August 17th, 2023 – Music Selection

Since Cassidy assumed the Emerging Choreographer-in-Residence role, she has been listening to a wide variety of music to use in her new creation, including works by Rachmaninoff, Rusalka and Férrandez. Today, she and Martin spent some time with Kittiwake’s Music Consultant, Vernon Regehr, to seek his advice on arrangements for orchestral ensemble. After a thorough review of all the works and with advice from Martin, Cassidy, has selected the pieces that she will use.

July 27, 2023 – Announcement

Kittiwake Dance Theatre is pleased to announce that, with the generous support of RBC Foundation’s Emerging Artists, we are offering the third annual emerging choreographer-in-residence program, an opportunity for a Newfoundland and Labrador dancer to hone their skills as a choreographer.  This year’s successful candidate is Cassidy Boone, who is a graduate of the School of Toronto Theatre and has been a full-time dancer with Kittiwake since 2021. Over the next eight months, Cassidy will receive mentorship from established choreographers while creating a new dance work to be premiered and performed by Kittiwake’s dancers in spring 2024. We look forward to seeing and reporting on Cassidy’s development as a choreographer. The RBC Emerging Artists Project is a multi-year funding commitment dedicated to supporting the careers and development of emerging artists, through mentoring programs, education, and providing access and exposure to new audiences. Kittiwake is very grateful for the continued funding from the RBC Foundation in support of emerging artists in our community.



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