What to Expect at Auditions

Kittiwake Dance Theatre holds auditions in advance of upcoming productions in order to cast roles.  An audition is an exciting time for a performer – it can also be nerve-wracking! In order to help all dancers feel comfortable during our auditions we offer an overview of the process, and some tips for success!

Remember – the most successful auditions are the ones you enjoy!

What to Expect at Your Kittiwake Audition:

  • First you will check-in at the registration desk and submit any forms and fees
    • You will be assigned an audition number, and your photograph will be taken for identification purposes
  • You will be shown where you can prepare and warm-up
  • You will be auditioning in front of a panel
  • There is no need to prepare a routine in advance

What you should you bring?

  • Appropriate dancewear, wear hair off the face
  • Appropriate footwear
  • A water bottle

What can I do to prepare?

  • Work hard in your dance classes
    • Practice technique, and practice performing
  • Practice healthy living and keep your muscles strong

We ask that:

  • You turn off all cell phones
  • Parents wait outside
  • You arrive early
  • You bring a positive attitude!

After the audition – Kittiwake will contact all attendees.

  • Those offered positions are given a rehearsal schedule and are asked to accept the role they have been offered.
  • Being offered a role in one production does not guarantee any future roles.
  • Those not offered positions should not be discouraged – positions are offered to fit a combination of roles and to complement certain skill sets and dance backgrounds.
  • If you are not offered a role, it is not a reflection of your individual talent.  Please consider auditioning for one of our future productions – you might be the perfect fit!

Professional dancers attend countless auditions – even if we are not able to offer you a role in our upcoming production we strive to offer a positive audition experience for all.