Guest Artists

This is a partial list of the many performers and artists who have appeared with, or worked with, Kittiwake Dance Theatre over the years.



Beni Malone joined us for the 2023 production and tour of The Nutcracker, making his Kittiwake debut in Gander, performing Drosselmeyer in all eight shows. Best known for his work as a professional clown, Beni began his career with the Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company in 1974. He has performed nationally and internationally in theatre, television and film. Beni is the founder and Artistic Director of Wonderbolt Productions, which has been creating and producing original circus-inspired theatre since 1982.Malone has developed curriculum-based circus-arts programs for Phys. Ed classes of all levels. He has been awarded both the ArtsNL Arts In Education Award and the ArtsNL Arts Achievement Award. In 2023 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from M.U.N. for his work in circus and promoting physical wellness.



Andrew Staniland (Composer)

Alice Story (Composer)

Amy Spector (Choreographer)

Barbara Dick (Costume Designer)

Bob Innes (Musician)

Charlotte Macnee (Set Designer)

Christopher Body (Guest Performer)

Clark Ross (Composer)

Edgar Zendejas (Choreographer/Guest Teacher)

Gail Innes (Choreographer)

Julia Bergua (Guest Performer/Teacher)

Janie Richard (Choreographer/Guest Teacher)

Janine (Burke) Fraser (Choreographer)

Jennifer Dick (Choreographer)

John Coombs (Set Designer)

Kevin Law (Guest Performer)

Kristen Ceré (Guest Teacher)

Mara Noftall (Choreographer/Guest Teacher)

Nicholas Jones (Guest Performer/Teacher)

Nicholas Khan (Guest Performer/Choreographer)

Nicola Hawkins (Choreographer)

Paul Bendzsa (Composer)

Paul Steffler (Composer)

Paul Winston (Guest Performer/Choreographer)

Peter Lancksweerdt (Guest Performer)

Rebekah Rimsay (Guest Performer)

Sarah Joy Stoker (Guest Performer)

Simon Alteen (Guest Performer)

Thomas Badrock-Finnigan (Guest Performer)

Tristan Rehner (Dancer/Choreographer)

Yuriko Diyanova (Guest Performer/Guest Teacher)