Nutcracker 2017 Role Acceptance Form and Costume Payment Slip

Please download, print and sign the role acceptance form and costume payment slip, and bring it to rehearsal.

Please also keep the following information close at hand for your reference:

Important to Know – Nutcracker 2017


Show Dates: December 15, 16 and 17

Also Matinee on December 14 (not open to the public)


  • The main source of information will be our Facebook page, so please visit regularly.
  • A payment of $40 is required for costume rental.
    • Note that you will have to provide some basic clothing, such as appropriate shoes or/and ballet tights depending on the role. We will provide you with these details as we get closer to the performances.
  • Most rehearsals will be held at the Arts and Culture Centre, in the same studio as the auditions, but rehearsals could be held in other studios in St. John’s. Read each schedule thoroughly to confirm the location.
  • Rehearsals will generally take place on Sundays, and sometimes on Saturdays. Other days could be added.
  • For the final week leading up to the show, rehearsals and staging will be on weekday evenings. We will do our best to accommodate our cast’s schedule, but this is only possible if you contact us in writing well in advance to inform us of potential conflicts.
  • Cast A and B attribution will be made within the first few rehearsals. You or your child will be told which cast they are in during rehearsal.