Senior Company


Eden Corcoran

Eden is a student at Holy Spirit High School. She began dancing at the age of 5 with Dance Studio East and since 2010 has been enrolled in their Pre-Professional Division. She has also studied at l'Ecole Superieure de Ballet du Quebec and Orlando Ballet during their summer intensive programs. Eden became a member of Kittiwake Dance Theatre in 2013 and has choreographed and performed in the Spring Showcase each year. She has also performed in Kittiwake's Reflections and has had many roles in The Nutcracker with her favourite being Waltz of the Flowers. Eden loves teaching dance to younger girls and is currently a teachers assistant with Dance Studio East.



Katie Hardy

Katie is a student at Gonzaga High School.  Katie dances with Dance Studio East's Pre-Professional Division and she has studied with Canada's National Ballet School and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. Katie has taken part in Our Divas Do Christmas, Nutcracker, Festival of New Dance, and has choreographed pieces for the Kittiwake Dance Theatre's Spring Showcase for the past two years.


Megan Hobbs

Megan is a Pre-Professional dance student and teacher/teachers assistant at Dance Studio East. She has performed in Kittiwake's The Nutcracker and Spring Showcase, Holy Heart High School's Cinderella and Desert Cabaret, Our Diva's Do Disney, and Our Diva's Do Christmas. Megan has attended summer programs at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, L'Ecole Superieure de Ballet du Quebec, and Boston Ballet School.  Megan also enjoys classes in aerial yoga.

Kaitlin Hobbs

Kaitlin has been performing with Kittiwake Dance Theatre since the age of 10. She has danced in Kittiwake Dance Theatre's The Nutcracker, Mermaids of Avalon, and Fairie Fey. Her roles in The Nutcracker have included Clara, Arabian Cat, Candy Cane and Snow Queen. Kaitlin's training has varied from Canada's National Ballet School, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, and Boston Ballet School. She presently trains at the School of Dance Studio East Professional Division and attends Memorial University,

Victoria Hoskins

Victoria is a student at Mount Pearl Senior High and has been a member of Kittiwake Dance Theatre since 2013. She has trained at Dance Studio East since the age of 3 and is currently enrolled in the Pre-Professional Program. Victoria has performed in Kittiwake's The Nutcracker (Cousin, Kitten, Reindeer, Candy Cane, Waltz of the Flowers, Rat), Spring Showcase, and Reflections.

Jane King

Jane started her dance career at Dance Studio East when she was just 3 years old and has been enrolled in their Pre-Professional Program since the age of 8. Jane has performed various roles in Kittiwake's The Nutcracker, Fairies, Mermaids of Avalon, Reflections and Spring Showcase as well as in Holy Spirit High School's Cabaret. Jane assists teaching for Hip Hop and Irish Step. Jane loves all genres of dance but Hip Hop is her favourite! Jane is also one of the founding members of the Graffiti Girlz Hip Hop Crew and the Clique Crew. She has competed in Hustle To Get There III, Fresh on the Rock and Trial by Syle in Halifax. Jane aspires someday to teach Popping/Hip Hop to younger generations of dancers.

Sarah Mackey

Sarah studies dance at Dance Studio East and has performed in Kittiwake Dance Theatre's The Nutcracker in many roles including Arabian Cat, Snowflake and Lead - Candy Cane.  She has also performed in Kittiwake's Spring Showcase, Snow MaidensReflections, and Mermaids of Avalon.

Alicia Upshall

Alicia began dancing in The Nutcracker at the age of 10 in the role of“Reindeer. Since then, she has danced in The Nutcracker every year with her favorite role being Spanish. She has performed with Kittiwake in many shows including Mermaids of Avalon. Alicia receives her training from Dance Studio East. 


Zoe Vallee

Zoe is an aspiring artist. She has been performing in The Nutcracker since age 8 and has also performed in the Kittiwake productions of Fairies and Mermaids. In 2015, she debuted her first piece titled Sameness at the Kittiwake Spring Showcase. Zoe has also participated in multiple musical theatre productions including Peter McDonald's The Addams Family, as well as Etcetera's Shrek the Musical and Cats.

Sophia Williams

Sophia is enrolled in the Pre-Professional Program at Dance Studio East.  She has performed in Kittiwake Dance Theatre's The Nutcracker since 2006 in roles including Spanish Lead and Snowflake. 


Ella Vivian


Ella is a student at Gonzaga High School. Ella dances with Sorenson School of Dance and has trained with Canada's Ballet Jorgen. She has been a member of Kittiwake Dance Theatre since 2015 and has performed in Kittiwake's The Nutcracker and Kittiwake's Spring Showcase.


Junior Company


Gillian Ash

Julia Brenton

Ava Clouston

Sydney Dowden

Lily Dubrowski

Emily Durnford


Abagayle Edwards

Caroline Gatehouse

Lauren House

McKenna Mercer

Abigail Patey

Cassandra Pippy

Anasophie Vallee


Male Members


Dominic Wellsman

Joshua Wellsman